Your First Visit

Upon your first visit to The Dental Doc, you can expect the following:

  1. You will of course be greeted by our front office staff and will be asked to present any insurance information you may have. Next you will have to fill out our patient registration forms.
  2. Next, our knowledgeable staff will verify your dental insurance and will subsequently provide you with the information made to us by your insurance company.
  3. After you are called into a OB room, you will then take a seat and a registered dental assistant will begin to review any concerns you may have, help answer any questions, and take the necessary dental x-rays that are essential in aiding the dentist through your exam.
  4. Finally, after x-rays are taken, you will then be greeted by Dr.Cantu-Petty or her associate and she will proceed with your dental examination. After the examination, one of our friendly front office staff will present you with your treatment plan and the prices available to you by your insurance. It is completely up to you if you prefer to complete your treatment the same day or reschedule.
  5. Upon your departure, our front office staff will help you in setting up any appointments for future treatment, and will then give children 10 and under a goody bag filled with stickers, toys, and a complimentary tooth brush and toothpaste. Adults will also receive a tooth brush and toothpaste, and any other products or prescriptions our dentist would recommend you to have.

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Want to make your first visit even easier?

Click the following links to have your new patient paper work ready when you come into your appointment!

English: New Patient Registration Form -Adults

English: Registration Form- Child

English: Notice of Privacy Practices

English: Insurance Agreement

Spanish: Insurance Agreement

Spanish: Notice of Privacy Practices